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Since the day ten mega infrastructure projects were rolled out in phases as scheduled, the Hong Kong construction industry has been faced with several problems such as acute labor shortage and labor mobility. Although there are more and more young people joining the construction industry, their lack of experience is likely bring serious safety problem. It's known that access control system has been widely used but commonly its function is no more than recording attendances of workers and it can't be utilized for safety management. Since there are no effective management methods, on most c...

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    In recent years, construction activities have been steadily increasing especially with the 10 major infrastructure projects are being rolled out in phases as scheduled. With the increased activities, better safety and logistics management is sought by the industry. Statistical data from various sources indicate that the majority of fatal accidents in the construction industry can be categorized into following types: Fall of person from height Striking against or struck by moving objects Struck by moving vehicles Industrial accidents in construction industry...

Yantao YU

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Yantao YU Tel.: (852) 2766 5803 E-mail address: [email protected] Yantao YU is currently a Ph.D candidate in Smart Construction Lab. She is working very hard and may achieve good result during her sophomore year. Area of Research Construction Information Technology Publication List 1. H. Guo, Y.Yu, M.Skitmore. Visualization technology-based construction safety management: A review. Automation in Construction. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.autcon.2016.10.004. 2. Hongling G, Yantao Y, Weisheng Z, et al. BIM and Safety Rules Based Automated Identificatio...