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Smart Construction Laboratory ( SCLab ) , previously called  Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory  (CVP Lab) was founded in 2004. With external funding of approximately HK$ 2.5 millions per years (industrial donations, public grants including GRF, ITF, PPR, CIC, NSFC, etc.). Our Lab has been providing industrial services covering Building Information Modeling (BIM), process simulation solutions, and professional training to the construction industry. Construction Virtual Prototyping (CVP) provides a capacity to “construct in the computer”. It provides a modeling and simulation environment so powerful that the production, fabrication and assembly of construction components, including the associated operational processes, can be simulated in the computer. VP takes into account all of variables in the project delivery process from feasibility analysis to maintenance management. The primary objective is to evaluate the feasibility of construction processes with a view to minimize the time and resource use.


Our team consists of 5 BIM and technical managers, 4 R&D researchers, and 20 BIM engineers and modelers. Until now, the team has completed more than 30 commercial projects, such as the International stadium, 5-star commercial building, hotel, highway, shopping mall, etc.  Most of our BIM managers hold PhD degrees and HKIBIM professional memberships. All our researchers, engineers and modelers hold at least bachelor degrees from relevant building disciplines.



Our Vision is to provide Life Cycle management of buildings using BIM technologies. Our services to industry are supported by a strong research team and a larger pool of experts who can tackle issues and complexities that may arise from the entire Life Cycle of a project.



The Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory has been set up to develop and promote latest virtual prototyping technologies in construction to improve the efficiency and accuracy of construction planning.


In particular, CVP Lab has developed a design-build optimization system for the construction industry. Built on the latest virtual prototyping technologies, it provides an efficient approach with more than 3 Dimensional (3D model, time, speed and force, etc.) environment to simulate all the required dimensions (or variables) related to a complex construction project, including space analysis, logistics, time-cost trade-off, quality and safety concerns.  The system has been proven to be an effective tool to improve efficiency and accuracy of project planning, hence saving time and cost.

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